The performance of your business reflects how you choose, train and lead your people.

We specialise in helping hospitality business owners evolve these 3 critical management systems so that their teams can reach their full potential and effectively deal with the current staffing crisis. Our training workshops and consulting services provide a framework for choosing stable people, training them and leading them in a way that allows your business to thrive even in a challenging market.

Hospitality leadership workshops.

How will you look after your most valuable staff this year? How will you replace them if they quit?

2 Day Workshops

How To Lead

Communication essentials for hospitality leaders. How to get things done, on time and to the standard you want - while maintaining positive relationships with those around you.

How To Train

Taking your people from “green” to “gun” and beyond. The performance of your business reflects how well you train your staff. This is our own hospitality-specific version of Train the Trainer.

How To Choose

Best practice hiring from ad to offer. The success of your business reflects the people you choose to run it. For that reason, this is the most critical of all the management skills we train.

1 Day Masterclasses

Functions & Events Sales Masterclass

Learn how to boost your function and events income by converting more enquiries and maximising every function sale. Improve your sales pitch and have more confidence selling.

Productivity Masterclass

Time management essentials for professional managers. Achieve more with less and create self-controlling teams. If you spend too much time ‘putting out fires’, or handling things your staff should do, this workshop will help.

Kitchen Profitability Masterclass

Maximising your kitchen profits involves implementing and maintaining control systems to keep track of your expenses. Strong customer numbers and an appealing, popular menu aren’t enough.

Suggestive Selling Masterclass

Increasing your customer average spend is the most effective way to increase the profits of a hospitality business. When your customers spend more, most of the money goes to your bottom line because there is barely any extra labour required to generate extra revenue.


How To Attract More Top Talent

Underwhelmed by the applications you’re getting when you post job ads? Your job ads may need some work. There are committed staff out there, the skill lies in knowing how to attract them. Too many job ads focus on what employers want, rather than what will attract top talent. Learn how to write ads that stand out from the crowd.

A new online course is coming very soon

Evolve 3 will be releasing more online classes shortly.

A new online course is coming very soon

Evolve 3 will be releasing more online classes shortly.

Hospitality business solutions

When key staff can choose their own team, train them effectively and lead them in a way that keeps them motivated, stable and productive, everybody wins. Your customers get greater value, your staff develop, and you enjoy improved profits and less stress. We can help you get your systems of recruitment, training and leadership right, so you can reap the rewards of a successful business.

Client story

San Telmo Group, Melbourne

An exceptional resource for any established or upcoming managers in the Hospitality industry. The quality of the courses and personal mentoring on offer is hard to overstate, and the insights they provide are essential for any modern restaurant. – Mack Thompson
I have worked closely with Chris and Ben over many years and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve the systems and processes within their hospitality business. In the current employment climate it has become vital to recruit well, train effectively and manage staff efficiently. Evolve have a tried and tested blueprint for success and I am thankful for their guidance and advice. – Nick Morley
Evolve3 have been a fundamental part of the training and development of our team. I would highly recommend. – Emily Derrick