Improve profit, standards and lifestyle

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is needed to bring new ideas into your business. We can come to your business, identify opportunities for improvement and provide a detailed analysis, along with a prioritised action plan.

We can show you how to grow your business income through increased customer numbers and higher average spend. We can also show you how to reduce wage costs, food and beverage costs, and controllable overheads. Making an improvement to profit is one thing, maintaining the improvement is a challenge that requires skilled management and strict controls. We can help with both.

Going multi-site or getting off the tools

Having worked with dozens of hospitality companies as operational managers and business consultants, we’ve evolved a pathway for business owners to follow when they want to get off the tools and put their business under management, expand into multiple locations, or both.

We can help you develop the necessary people, establish the control systems, then coach you in multiple location management. We have a track record of helping business owners to restore their work /life balance, so they can pursue their own interests or take some well-earned time out.