Are you planning for peak season recruitment?

Many managers and chefs don’t plan far enough ahead for their peak season recruitment needs. The crazy thing is, it’s predictable that there will be a surge in demand for staff during your busiest period of the year.
It’s imperative you get your team leaders involved and trained in screening and selection skills and establishing an efficient onboarding system.

1. Why involve your team leaders in peak season recruitment?

Because they’re responsible for the smooth running of shifts, supervising, training and coaching the staff. They should be tasked with the integration of new employees into the existing team and getting them performing to standard.

If you don’t involve them in the recruitment process, you’re giving them the perfect excuse ‘I didn’t choose them, it’s not my fault these new staff aren’t any good, get me some better people’. A smarter approach is to train them and hold them accountable for the quality of the staff they bring into their teams.

2. What skills are required to screen candidates and select the best?

The specific requirements of the positions – position descriptions and selection criteria; conducting effective interviews; evaluating candidates’ needs and skills; and assessing cultural fit within your business.

Once team leaders have these skills, they’re equipped to select the most suitable candidates for the job. They will be better able to identify potential red flags or warning signs during the hiring process, reducing the likelihood of making poor recruitment choices.

3. What are the benefits of onboarding?

To settle new staff into the team as quickly as possible. The sooner staff feel like they belong, the sooner they absorb training, which generally leads to job satisfaction.

When team leaders drive the onboarding process, new staff receive personalised attention and support. Too often newly hired peak season casuals are left to assume their role. If you’re not careful, this can cause unnecessary staff turnover, frustration & low team morale, poor product & service delivery, poor customer experience and lower profits.
Proper onboarding also ensures you meet your legal and OHS compliance requirements.

Key take-aways:

Peak season recruitment requires careful planning and execution to ensure the seamless integration of new staff. Providing team leaders with the right training in screening & selection skills will lead to them making better hiring decisions. Establishing an efficient onboarding process allows for a smooth transition into the team and enhances staff satisfaction.

If you’re interested in improving how you select, onboard and train new staff, consider our:

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These interactive, practical workshops are designed to arm you with the skills needed to attract and select stable, quality staff and get them up to speed quickly and efficiently.

Don’t leave peak season recruitment to chance. Plan ahead and enjoy the benefits.

Ben Walter